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Case Studies

With all our customers, we get them to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Customers trust us to be discrete as we are usually handling confidential and commercially sensitive information. A signed NDA is an unbreakable bond between Bray Consulting and our customer, and one that we take very seriously. This means that we can't publish all our customer projects on here, no matter how proud we are of the work we have done with them

A few of our past customers have kindly given us their permission to mention them below, without of course going into too much detail about the nature of the project.

Project Labrador

As most of you will know, Steve sold his former business SP Services (UK) Ltd in October 2019. That process included almost 12 months of due diligence, but the process of preparing the business for sale probably started 2-3 years before the sale was completed. Simon helped Steve prepare the business for sale. Together, Steve and Simon can help you plan your exit from your business and sell for the best price.  

Steve Bray SP Services Bastion House Telford Shropshire.jpg

Company 'A'

This company was looking for a full basket of services from us including Supply Chain Engagement,  Business Development, Market Intelligence, Competitor Analysis, Partnership Building, Sales Strategy, Practical Business Strategy and Marketing Services. We had to help them prioritise where we could help the most.

Green First Aid Box for Bray Web Site.jpg

De-Wipe Ltd

De-Wipe Ltd is a UK company producing groundbreaking & revolutionary decontamination wipes that can reduce the risk of occupational cancer in all industries including the fire service police forensic teams, utility companies, and the construction industry. Bray Consulting was asked to help increase the company's profile using Steve and Simon's extensive network. 
Check out


Spencer Italy

Since 2020, Spencer has been part of Protect Medical Holding, a pool of innovative and growth-driven global companies which exploit syngergies, share resources and develop products to become the main reference point in the emergency, first aid and mortuary industries.

Steve and Simon have been bought on board to work on a number of specific projects. 

Steve Bray at Spencer Italy 2023.jpg

Company 'B'

This company just wanted Steve and Simon to come in with 'fresh eyes' and look at how they currently operated their business, and then compare it against best practice etc. 

We then presented a report of our findings and suggestions to the owner of the business.

Fresh Eyes.png

Private Ambulance Acquisition

We can't go into any specific details on this one but Steve was contacted by the owner of one Private Ambulance Service that wanted to acquire another Private Ambulance Service.

As well as creating an initial report on the target business, we were asked to help with the due diligence if it got as far as making an offer and agreeing Heads of Terms.

Speeding Emergency Ambulance.jpg

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