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Steve Bray
Senior Management Consultant

Bray Consulting launched in July 2022 when founder Steve Bray decided to use his extensive knowledge of the UK health supplies industry to help other medical businesses.
Bray Consulting was launched with the vision of being a specialist management consultancy for the first aid and emergency medical supplies industry


Our small team of expert industry specialists provides a 'fresh set of eyes' to provide in-depth competitive analysis, help with increasing sales and profits, help you to streamline your business’ internal processes, and much more.

With over 35 years of experience under Steve Bray’s belt, Bray Consulting is one of the safest pairs of hands you can find.

Steve's 'black book' of contacts and the network he has built up over the last 35 years are unrivalled within the industry.

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Here are some of the business consultancy areas that we provide:

  • Helping business to grow in sales and profit

  •  Improve internal processes for your company, creating synergy between departments

  • Conduct in-depth competitor analysis between your product and theirs

  • Offering live-pricing as part of our competitor analysis that will be updated & distributed through weekly email alerts

  • Assisting with new product development

  • Helping you to create a product rationalisation strategy

  • Preparing your business for a sale or a merger

Why We Do What We Do

There are many consultancy firms out there. But the size and aspirations of these companies means that you get a less tailored, personable experience.

Being passed from pillar to post by various departments of a consultancy firm is not exactly what you need when you’re looking for help.

With Bray Consulting, the team is tight, friendly, and focused. We know what type of clients we want, and what we’re trying to achieve.
Ultimately, the healthcare and medical supply industry is extremely important to everyone. We know that by helping companies in this industry, we are helping to ensure everyone who needs access to medical supplies gets them.
And while there may be plenty of other consultancy firms out there, you’d be hard-pressed to find one who can match the experience that Bray Consulting enjoys through Steve Bray and Simon Leggett.
We’re excited to hear from you whenever you’re ready to reach out.

Meet The Team

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