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Frequently Asked Questions

There aren't many questions that Steve and Simon haven't been asked before. With their combined 60+ years of business experience, they've got a tremendous knowledge of the industry,

On this page we intend to build an extensive list of FAQs and Answers to help you understand more about what we do here at Bray Consulting and how we can hopefully help your business.

If you've got a question that isn't answered below, then just drop us a message on our Contact Us page. Maybe we'll even add it to the list below if we think it's one other customers will find useful.

  • Do you require a Non-Disclosure Agreement NDA?
    We do not require one, but we believe it is good business practice to protect both parties. We have a standard NDA that we can use that is quick and easy.
  • Is Bray Consulting just Steve Bray?
    Steve Bray now works with his former Managing Director Simon Leggett. Together they have a set of unrivalled skills and industry experience. They have also developed a huge network of colleagues and consultants that they have worked with over the years and can bring them on board to suit the specific needs of your business.
  • How much does it cost to hire Bray Consulting?
    Each project is very different and priced accordingly but we offer initial packages starting from £2,500 + VAT. Your 15-minute FREE consultation will enable us to understand your needs and give an indication of the costs.
  • How do I book one of your free 15 minute introductory calls?
    Very easily. Just drop us an email by clicking on Contact Us and we will get back to you to schedule in a telephone or video call at a mutually convenient time.
  • Do you only offer your consulting services to companies in the first aid and medical supplies industry?
    Although many of the skills and experiences we have learnt over our many decades could in theory be applied to any company that buys and sells any sort of product, our passion, enthusiasm, and knowledge is most definitely in the first aid, EMS, rescue, pre-hospital and primary care sectors. Steve's 'little black book' of contacts that he has built up over the past 40 years is probably unique within the medical supplies industry, so we intend to stick with what we know, and what we do best.
  • Who are your other customers?
    We would love to tell you as we work with a broad range of large, amazing, well-known organisations to small innovative sole traders. But we take our NDA commitments very seriously and will not disclose who are customers are unless they are happy for us to do so. Do check out our Case Studies page as you can see those customers who have given us permission to disclose some details of our work to you.
  • Is your consultancy based onsite or all via Teams meetings?
    This depends upon your needs, but we are more than happy to travel to companies and meet them face to face. Like most businesses, we usually end up proposing a hybrid approach as we want to maximise the value you get out of us.

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