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Are you Looking for Clinical Input?

Could your business benefit from having a Clinical Advisory Board?

Are you trying to develop products for the first aid and health sectors but lack some clinical input from trained end users with many years of experience using similar products in anger out in the field?

We can provide your company with everything from a single individual doctor or nurse to a team of clinicians with decades of experience in NHS hospital emergency and trauma care as well as hospital resus officers, frontline emergency, pre-hospital, ambulance paramedics, military combat medics, police medics, fire trauma technicians, and first aiders. 

These leading NHS and ex-military and public service professionals can work with you on a part-time ad-hoc basis to make sure your new healthcare product or solution meets the needs of your customers such as the NHS, MOD, or industry, resulting in improved patient and system outcomes, as well as improved sales and profits for you.

At Bray Consulting, we can work with you to help identify the best type of clinical input you need to support your product development team. Just get in touch with us to arrange an exploratory Teams call.

Contact Steve Bray now to book a FREE confidential,
no obligation discussion – BOOK HERE

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